1) Appraisals should be available within 7-10 days prior to the scheduled sale.

2) Sales are held at 2:00 p.m. on Friday at the Simpson County Justice Center, 101 Court Street, Franklin, Kentucky. The method of sale is public auction.

3) The locations in the Justice Center where Master Commissioner sales are conducted vary. Security personnel will advise you as to the room in the Justice Center where sales will be held on a particular day.

Statutory Rules and Requirements:

A. The purchasers will be required to pay ten percent (10%) down the day of sale and post bond with surety acceptable to the Master Commissioner. The bond amount will be the remainder of the purchase price, and will be due thirty (30) days from the date of sale. Said bond will bear bear interest, at the rate specified in the summary of judgment which is set forth with each respective sale, on the unpaid balance from the date of sale until paid in full. ALL PROSPECTIVE PURCHASERS SHOULD PLAN ON HAVING THE PERSON OR ENTITY WHO WILL ACT AS SURETY TO BE IN ATTENDANCE AT THE SALE.

No bond is necessary for purchasers paying the full purchase price on the day of sale.

Please contact the Master Commissioner’s Office prior to the sale with questions regarding approved surety at 270-586-3283.

B. All properties are sold subject to the following:

1. State, county, and city (if applicable) property taxes payable for the entire year of 2022 and all taxes due thereafter;
2. Easements, restrictions, and covenants of record;
3. Assessments for public improvements levied against the property;
4. Any facts which an inspection or accurate survey of the property may disclose.

C. All properties are sold “as is”. There are no warranties of any kind.

D. The property shall otherwise be sold free and clear of any and all right, title, and interest of all parties to this action and of their liens and encumbrances thereon except such right of redemption as may exist in favor of the United States of America or the defendants.

E. All sales must be confirmed by the Court, but not until after the Master Commissioner’s Report of Sale has been filed and has lain over for objections at least ten days. Following entry of the Court’s order confirming the sale, the purchaser may take possession of the property as soon as the purchase price is paid in full.